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Moong Dal and Oats Tikkis|Split Green Gram & Oats Patties

Its been quite a while since I resorted to healthy eating and snacking. Evenings are the time i find myself with insatiable hunger that is rather difficult to curb . I have grown fond of tikkis/patties recently. They are not only light on your tummy but also one of the best ways to incorporate dals, grams… Continue reading Moong Dal and Oats Tikkis|Split Green Gram & Oats Patties

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Crispy Potatoes

  I guess Potato is everyone’s favourite when it comes to Vegetables. I don’t think there is anyone who despises Potatoes. Come on, can you say no to French Fries? No right? The world’s favourite root vegetable also known as Aloo in hindi is widely used in various preparations across India. From stuffed parathas to… Continue reading Crispy Potatoes

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Mushroom Tikka Kathi Roll

Frankie/ Kathi rolls have emerged as one of the most popular street food across India. Kathi roll, which is said to have orginated from Kolkatta is nothing but an Indian Burrito. A filling infused with indian spices is enfolded within a paratha(indian flat bread). The filling and paratha can be customized according to your liking. It… Continue reading Mushroom Tikka Kathi Roll

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Paneer & Corn Tikki|Indian Cottage Cheese & Corn Patties

Paneer is a form of unripened cheese popular in India and other parts of South Asia. Also known as Indian Cottage Cheese, Paneer is an excellent source of protein and therefore an ideal replacement for meat for Vegetarians. Those who wish to lose weight must definitely include paneer in their diets as it keeps hunger pangs at… Continue reading Paneer & Corn Tikki|Indian Cottage Cheese & Corn Patties

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Vegetable Momos

Vegetable Momos step by step recipe Momos are nothing but steamed dumplings stuffed with vegetable/spiced meat filling. Since the last few years Momos have become a popular street food across india. You can find a momo stall/kiosk in every nook and corner of Chennai city. I was of the opinion that momos originated from china… Continue reading Vegetable Momos

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Rajma Tikki/Red Kidney Bean Patties

Healthy yet yummy rajma tikkis Rajma aka Red Kidney Beans are a good source of dietary fiber, protein, vitamins and iron. Having low glycemic index, red kidney beans help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.They also form a great source of protein for non-meat eaters. They are loaded with disease fighting antioxidants that help boost immunity. Apart from… Continue reading Rajma Tikki/Red Kidney Bean Patties

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Sabudana/sago Vadas

Sabudana/ Sago Vadas Recipe I happened to visit this place called Amdavadi in T nagar, Chennai. Its basically a Gujarati snack house with a lovely ambiance and amazing food. Sabudana/Sago vada is a traditional deep fried snack from Maharashtra, India. The people at the restaurant suggested it as it happens to be one of their… Continue reading Sabudana/sago Vadas