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Crispy Potatoes

  I guess Potato is everyone’s favourite when it comes to Vegetables. I don’t think there is anyone who despises Potatoes. Come on, can you say no to French Fries? No right? The world’s favourite root vegetable also known as Aloo in hindi is widely used in various preparations across India. From stuffed parathas to… Continue reading Crispy Potatoes

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Pineapple Pulissery | Pineapple in Yogurt Curry

Every year, we celebrate Onam in a very simple way by making ada pradhaman or paruppu payasam. Both my parents hail from nagercoil and most of my relatives are settled in various parts of Kerala. So, theeyal, thoran, morkozhambu/mor curry are few dishes we do on a regular basis. For those who may not be… Continue reading Pineapple Pulissery | Pineapple in Yogurt Curry

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Aloo Matar Parathas

Paratha is an indian flat bread and is one of the staple foods of North India. Paratha means layers of cooked dough and is called by different names and prepared in different ways across the states of India. In South India, it is called parota/barota and is normally layered and made using maida/all-purpose flour. Stuffed… Continue reading Aloo Matar Parathas

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Kaara Kozhukattai|Savory dumplings

Wishing everyone a very happy vinayaka/ganesh chathurthi. Back to back weddings and ganesh chathurthi kept me occupied the past two days. Initially, I had planned to make 5 types of kozhukattais. But, didn’t have enough time to make them. You know how hectic indian festivals can be. So i made 3 types of kozhukattais. Two… Continue reading Kaara Kozhukattai|Savory dumplings

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Mushroom Tikka Kathi Roll

Frankie/ Kathi rolls have emerged as one of the most popular street food across India. Kathi roll, which is said to have orginated from Kolkatta is nothing but an Indian Burrito. A filling infused with indian spices is enfolded within a paratha(indian flat bread). The filling and paratha can be customized according to your liking. It… Continue reading Mushroom Tikka Kathi Roll

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Milagu(Pepper) Thattai 

Thattai is one among the most famous south indian savory snack items. It is a deep-fried snack made from rice flour and is truly one of the yummiest south indian snacks. It is commonly prepared during gokulashtami/krishna jayanthi. I have been wanting to try making south indian snacks for quite a long time. With Krishna… Continue reading Milagu(Pepper) Thattai 

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Chocolate Oats kuzhi Paniyaram

A Modern and Healthy Twist to Kuzhi Paniyaram Kuzhi Paniyaram is a traditional South Indian dish that is very popular in Tamil Nadu. It is made by frying batter that is similar to an idly batter in a special cast-iron pan called paniyara chatti. Paniyara chatti/kal/pan has small fissures(kuzhi) that hold the batter. Nowadays, you… Continue reading Chocolate Oats kuzhi Paniyaram